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4 Reasons you SHOULDN'T Rent Your Property

Maranda Tucker - Monday, August 29, 2022

There are so many great reasons to own rental properties. In fact, we encourage anyone who will listen to start their investing journey as soon as they can! There are, however, a few reasons why one shouldn't rent out their property:  

  1. Financial hardship: You need access to the equity in your property fast, you have exhausted all other options, and refinancing is not in the cards.
  2. Emotional hardship: You have a strong attachment to the property.
  3. Can't afford cash flow: You cannot afford monthly negative cash flow, and you cannot find a way to save 3-6 months of rent as a buffer.
  4. You currently own a mint and can print your own money.  

DID YOU KNOW: We are a FULL SERVICE Property Management Company? That means, if you are an out of state invest, or local to the Charlotte Market, we are equipped help you in all stages of the rental process. 

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